Expresiones simples y familiares de la vida cotidiana en Español (日常スペイン語会話ネイティブ表現) Sample

This is a book aimed a Japanese native speakers learning Spanish. It contains a wide variety of daily life expressions divided in different situations greetings, requests, emergency situations, invitations etc.

Japanese Songs as Learning Material: An Analysis of Potential Sociolinguistic Difficulties

This is a paper that explores the possibility of using songs in the foreign language classroom as teaching material. It presents the sociolinguistic difficulties students could face when analyzing this kind of authentic material.

Dorama” japonés usado como material auténtico

This is a paper about the incorporation of culture in the foreign language classroom through the use of Japanese soap operas.

Analyzing Authentic Material: A case of Study of Japanese Love Songs Interpreted by Latin American

This is an article presented at the 8th International Conference of Japanese Studies in Brazil at Brasilia University. It analyzes how Latin American students learning Japanese interpret Japanese love songs.

Sen-nin (El Mago)

This is a translation (Japanese -Spanish) from the famous story called “Sen-nin” written by Ryunosuke Akutagawa.